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25 Apr, 2014 - Flashback Friday
nerd cackle
When I was four, I wanted SO BADLY to have Princess Leia's cinnamon roll hair. Didn't quite pan out. Ever. Anyway. Also, there's a good possibility I was in my Wonder Woman or Batgirl Underoos later that same day. NERDGIRL POWER.

Happy Friday!

p.s. I would totally buy adult-sized Underoos. I'm just sayin'.
18 Apr, 2014 - Spike/Buffy wallpaper
It's better than I expected, considering I haven't made one in so long. Now, how badly will I cock up the html getting it posted?

1920x1200 full size

Feel free to resize, just don't redistribute anywhere. I normally make a bunch of different resolutions, but I just don't have time right now, and I'm not counting on having much time the rest of this weekend to get it done. If I am able to get around to it in a timely fashion, I'll update this post with links.
17 Apr, 2014 - pity party
swearing billy
I seem to have, at some point I cannot recall, deleted all of my saved screencaps & stills from Buffy. I am a sad panda at the mo'.

sad trombone
I feel like I'm supposed to be too old for this shippy stuff. And then I remember who gives a fuck, seriously, rite? Right.

My Photoshop skills are...what's beyond rusty? Decayed like the Titanic? (Too soon? I'LL NEVER LET YOU GO, JACK. God I hate that movie. I mean, Billy Zane with a gun was. not. helping. Jeez, hairpiece, pick your battles. I digress. As ususal.)

So anyway, crumbling, sunken unsinkable super-liner skills aside, I made icons! Just three, but a gal has to ease into these things. And, it was fun! I forgot how much I enjoy making them. I do hope to get some more done in the not too distant future, hopefully a little better quality as I get back to being comfortable in PS--and try to remember all that I've forgotten, which is a lot.

Here they are, for your pleasure. Or for your disdain if you're all like, "Daryl Dixon doesn't belong with anyone but ME!" (And no one blames you for that, because we've all been there. If you say you haven't, your pants are probably on fire. Best check.)

screencaps from
twd beth
Anyone watching these shows? I'm pretty sure one or both are going to give me ulcers...

Also, I'm shipping the crap out of Beth/Daryl. Completely blindsided me, but now I cant get enough of 'em, and I am UTTERLY FREAKING OUT about the events of "Alone." Thank god for fix-it fic.

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28 Oct, 2012 - Iron Man 3 (trailer 1)
288 pngs
1920 x 800 (1080p)

Additional samples + download links hereCollapse )
twd beth
I really thought I'd moved on from caring one whit about Spike & Buffy. However, judging by the way my heart thumped and I got a little happy flutter in my stomach when I read the following, I was so, SO wrong. I WILL LOVE THEM FOREVER AND EVER.

Katie Lucas: Who did you like together with Buffy the most: Angel, Riley, or Spike?

Joss Whedon: You know what, I liked Spike. With Angel it’s too “Romeo and Juliet”. Which means, as soon as it happens you’re bored. Riley, you know he was a well-adjusted person who loved her in a much, much healthier way than the other two guys. Nobody wants to see that. With Buffy and Spike, they had a real Beatrice and Benedick kind of relationship, in “Much Ado About Nothing”. I think with the wedding, she would have tried to do something fast, but he would have made it elaborate and done everything wrong. It would have been extraordinarily counter-intuitive, and awesome!

emphasis mine
Q&A excerpted from this interview at A BLOG

Since I'm so out of the Spuffy (the entire Buffy-verse, really) fandom loop, I can only assume this has already made the rounds (probably twice!), so apologies to anyone who's seen this a bazillion times. (I like that "bazillion" doesn't trip the spell check feature. Bajillion. But that one does. Huh, how 'bout that.)
19 Feb, 2012 - lands!
twd beth
I've had these sitting on my hard drive since, oh, when did the pilot air? Yeah. A WHILE.

31 Once Upon a Time [pilot] icons (all round)

with a bonus Supernatural wallpaper -- which has not spent months languishing on my computer.


the restCollapse )

In other news, I forgot how to do an LJ-cut. I need to get back on this horse.
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